«Достоин песен и стихов». (Любовь Утюмова, Гай).
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About "Konzhak"
Sunday, 15 April 2007

Welcome to an official site of the international mountain marathon "Konzhak"!

The Mountain marathon "Konzhak" is spent annually near of the city Krasnoturinsk of Sverdlovsk Region to the first Saturday of July. The unique district and extreme conditions of rise up to the maximum point of a distance (1569) have transformed it into most mass of all 60 marathons of Russia. In it, the Europe, Russia world champions participate in run on 100 km and daily run, winners of a supermarathon "Komrads" (republic of South Africa), the climbers ascended to the Everest, Makalu, Lhoztse, Jeanne, world champions on orientation, cross-countr and polithlon, and also marathonists, skiers, biathlonists, skaters, hockey players, triahtlonist, boxers, fighters, swimmers, mountain tourists and adherents of an active way of life …

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